Praying & Studying

We call this devotion time, which is simply alone time with God. Having daily devotion time with God where we talk to Him, hear from Him and meditate on His word creates a strong relationship between He and us.


God has been so good to us and it is our pleasure to give back to Him. He has given us gifts, talents and abilities that we can use within the local church, as an act of service.


Giving to God is an act of honor, worship, and love. The bible tells us to bring 10% of our income back to God as a starting point. When we do so God blesses us, and we are able to reach more people with the gospel message.

Soul Winning

We are called by God to share the good news of His love and affection with those who are unsaved and unchurched. There are many different ways to share your faith with others.


We are not designed to go through life alone. We all need someone helping us grow, and we all must help others grow in their walk with God. Discipling is simply having “Next Step” conversations with people to help them move closer to God.