Pastor Clarence L. Smith Jr

From first-hand experience of loss and hopelessness, Pastor Clarence L. Smith Jr uses his story to inspire others on their journey through life to finding faith when all hope is lost. Founder and Senior Pastor of Enhance Church – Newark New Jersey, Pastor Clarence has a genuine love for people and devotes his life to making connections to all – no matter where you may come from, what you’ve experienced, or what you’re up against. He speaks the word of God in a creative, comical, and heartfelt manner that truly conveys his love for everyone and his commitment to instilling hope where it is needed most. He uses his humor and his original perspective to bring a multicultural audience together to connect practical Biblical principles to everyday life. Indeed, Pastor Clarence is more than just a well-respected Preacher; he is an inspirational speaker, teacher to many, and mentor to all. Every service, participants at Enhance can feel his genuineness and authenticity in his voice and in his word.

Atiah Smith

Enhance members are not only graced by the presence of Pastor Clarence, but they have the amazing opportunity to be in the presence of his beautiful and strong wife, Pastor Atiah Smith. Pastor Atiah preaches alongside her husband. When she takes the stage, people can feel her devotion to them – people she may not even know personally. Pastor Atiah has made her impact on the Church – not only does everyone appreciate her humbleness, but she also oversees the Children’s Church and Performance Art  Ministry. A nurse by profession, Pastor Atiah loves fashion and make up.

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