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About Pastor Clarence

Clarence L. Smith Jr uses practical Biblical principals and personal life experiences, that offer advice for daily living. Pastor Clarence, is one of the youngest practical bible teachers of his generation, since becoming license to preach at age twelve and ordained at seventeen years old. Clarence has brought deliverance to thousands through the message of Jesus Christ.

As A child Clarence suffered physical,sexual, and emotional abuse, at age seven his mother was brutally murdered. He also lived without a father figure, as a result of a dark tormented childhood. Clarence had a nervous breakdown in 2004 followed by an Anxiety and depression disorder,and many other personal battles, in which he speaks openly and candid about in his messages.

His approach to motivational speaking focuses on bridging the gap of cultures, ages, and society by offering a sound that is relative to every listener.Through the power of God and life up and downs, Clarence L. Smith Jr. Has made an appareled connection with people from all walk of life. He continues to follow his calling by traveling around the world. Spreading The Gospel of Jesus Christ.